“The revolution will be televised!
The revolution will not be keeping up with the Kardashian’s
or waiting on TMZ for the latest breaking news.
The revolution is being televised and waiting on the youth to broadcast their truth!
The revolution is here and will not tolerate fear!
Hear ye hear ye
the revolution will be televised,
From the streets to the screens,
Exposing white supremacy’s crime scenes!
The revolution will be televised and black consciousness will be revived!
It’s time for Biko’s words to come alive,
We’re tired of living to survive. 
This is our time to thrive.
The revolution will be televised!"

This manifesto is based on the popular Black Power slogan “The Revolution will not be televised” which later became popularised by Gil Scott Heron in his famous poem by the same name. The lyrics allude to the mainstream media’s inability to truly capture societal transformation and instead favour capitalist driven content that fuels mindless consumerism and elitist interests. Fortunately, the advent of social media has decentralised traditional television broadcasting and allows for everyday citizens to contribute to the production of narratives and distribution of content that can truly transform society. This practice of using social media to transform society was first conceived during the Arab Spring and gave birth to a framework called “Virtual Collective Consciousness” (VCC). VCC basically proves that a revolution can take place if all members of a society participate in the virality of relevant content. The process of simulating such a revolution using ICTs and digital media to create genuine social impact is called “HiveMind Impact”. By using the hashtag #ReviveBlackConsciousness and joining the conversations on its IGTV channel, we really can televise the revolution and create a HiveMind Impact that erases racism from South Africa and beyond.